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Every day, companies just like yours, will arrive on site only to be told, your delivery vehicle is classed as non-compliant or your driver has failed to attend any one of the now mandatory driver safety awareness training programs in force, resulting in the vehicle being turned away from site as another failed delivery.

And, this is only one part of the problem. Aside from vehicle compliancy and additional driver training, your company will almost certainly be required to hold full Gold membership of the FORS registration program.

Make no mistake, vehicle compliancy, ongoing driver training and FORS registration all add up to a very expensive and very time-consuming experience.

White’s Transport are an ISO 9001 accredited company. We hold Gold membership of the FORS registration program, all vehicles in our fleet are classed as “Fully Compliant” and our driving staff have all completed the now mandatory safety awareness programs and are registered accordingly. In short, we are fully qualified to make deliveries, on your behalf, to any construction site, regardless of any legislation that may be in force.

Compliant Deliveries

There are two simple options for you to consider.

Goods can be delivered into one of our two, conveniently located sites, in either Kent (serving the South) or Daventry (serving the Midlands and the North) utilising your own or preferred carrier, where goods will then be transhipped onto a White’s Transport fully compliant vehicle for the final delivery stage to site.

Alternatively, we can collect directly from your premises, anywhere in the UK or Europe, again utilising a fully compliant vehicle for direct delivery to site.

Our operations team will handle all booking-in arrangements whilst liaising directly with the logistics managers on site ensuring delivery delays are kept to an absolute minimum.

Vehicle compliancy cannot be taken lightly and is not going away. It is unforgiving, here to stay and in certain cases will soon become a national requirement.

Our experience in fully compliant logistics support is your guarantee that White’s Transport are the obvious choice when considering a suitably qualified delivery support partner. We are fully aware that we deliver more than just your goods, we are also responsible for delivering your reputation.

If you would like to discuss any requirement, either immediate or planned, please never hesitate to contact me on any of the numbers supplied, where I can assure you of our best and immediate attention at all times.

We very much look forward to working with you.

Jamie A Gray
Business Development Manager
White’s Transport Ltd

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